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ZHANG Chongqi
Department of Probability,
School of Mathematics and Information Sciences,
Guangzhou University , Guangzhou 510006, China

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  • The Education Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality
  • GuangZhou University
  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China

General Information


  The international conference on recent advances in experimental designs will be held at Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China , in December 12-16, 2013. It is co-sponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and jointly organized by the College of Mathematics and Information Science, Guangzhou University and Experimental Design Division of Chinese Association for Applied Statistics. Guangzhou University is located in the South of China.

  The announcement document is available in Acrobat (pdf)

Organizing Committee :

  Jianshe Yu ( Guangzhou University)    
  Xiangsong Ye ( Guangzhou University )   
  Chongqi Zhang( Guangzhou University)  
  Heng Peng ( Hong Kong Baptist University)   
  Weng Kee Wong ( University of California, Los Angeles ) 
  Jianfeng Yang ( Nankai University )

Scientific Committee:

  Jianqing Fan ( Chair , Princeton University) 
  Kai Tai Fang (UIC, HKBU-BNU)
  Ling You Chan (The University of Hong Kong) 
  Ching-Shui Cheng (University of California, Berkeley ) 
  Minggao Gu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 
  Feifang Hu ( University of Virginia)  
  Runze Li ( Pennsylvania State University ) 
  King Hung Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  Dennis K.J.Lin ( Penn State University ) 
  Shuangzhe Liu (University of Canberra)  
  Jinchi Lv (University of Southern California)
  Peter Z.G.Qian ( University of Wisconsin-Madison )  
  Weng Kee Wong (University of California, Los Angeles )
  Wenyang Zhang (University of Bath)
  Jin-Ting Zhang(National University of Singapore)   
  Lixing Zhu ( Hong Kong Baptist University )
  Mingyao Ai (Peking University ) 
  Shunhou Fan ( Tianjin Polytechnic University )
  Yingnan Guan (Northeast University) 
  Changquan Huang (Xiamen University)
  Minqian Liu (Nankai University)
  Shanqi Pang (Henan Normal University)
  Hong Qin (Central China Normal University)
  Xueming Ren (Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology)
  Yubin Tian ( Beijing Institute of Technology)  
  Guijun Yang (Tianjin University of Finance and Economics)  
  Rongxian Yue (Shanghai Normal University)  
  Runchu Zhang (Nankai University)
  Shengli Zhao ( Qufu Normal University )     

Topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  Designs for non-linear Models; Mixture Designs; Factorial Designs;  
  Optimal Designs; Response Surface Designs; Uniform Designs;
  Adaptive Designs; Computer Experiments; Orthogonal Designs;
  Applied statistics.